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12:00-16:40 on 27 July 2016
Organised by Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology (KEIT)
KEIT (Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology) is one of most active and dynamic innovation support organization in Korea, manage R&D programs to foster innovation.
The Forum, to be held in conjunction with EKC 2016, is to promote the participation of Korean-European scientists and engineers in planning of Korea national R&D projects for improving R&D productivity and Global Cooperation. Korean-European scientists and engineers in various technical areas will discuss the trends of current leading technologies in this Forum with Program Directors (PD) of KEIT to generate creative and innovative ideas for national R&D projects.
This Forum will be focused on 9 industrial technology areas:
- Machinery Technology, Production Equipment, Chemical Process, Functional Textile, Medical Device, Semiconductor, Production Technology, Metallurgical Technology, Ceramic
Time Title Speaker
12:00-13:00  Foundation Ceremony   
13:00-13:05  Greeting  KEIT
13:05-13:10 Welcoming Speech Chair of EKC 2016
13:10-13:40 Introduction of Korea national R&D program  

Panel Discussion (4 subcommittees)

 - Discuss recent research trends and good project ideas between
    KEIT PDs and Korean-European scientists/engineers
* Subcommittees:
① Machinery Technology/ Production Equipment,
② Chemical Process/ Functional Textile,
③ Medical Device/ Semiconductor,
④ Production Technology/Metallurgical Technology/ Ceramic 
※ Chair: KEIT PDs